Meet the team

Carrying over experience from the likes of Rolls Royce, General Electric, BAE Systems, Cosworth, Cranfield Aerospace Solutions + many more, the Greenjets team carries over a wealth of experience from the aerospace and automotive sectors.
Anmol Manohar
Anmol Manohar
CEO, Founder
Anmol heads up the strategic vision of Greenjets, identifying and validating use cases and market sectors for the company's underlying technology.
Anmol spent 4 years at Rolls Royce developing novel aircraft and propulsion concepts both internally and for the likes of Aston Martin. Past leadership rolls include his tenure as head of the Rolls Royce EVTOL programme, as well as the electric propulsion division programme lead of UK-based SME Blue Bear Systems Research - the company which Greenjets later span out of.
Anmol has a MSc in Computational Aeronautics from Imperial College London having received his bachelor's in aerospace engineering from IIT Kharagpur India. He is the recipient of several awards from the Royal Aeronautical Society for his work in the aviation industry.
Dr. Guido Monterzino
Dr. Guido Monterzino
CTO, Founder
Guido is Greenjets' technical lead, directing both the mechanical and electrical development of new propulsors.
Guido spent 8 years at Cosworth as a technical programme manager in the aerospace propulsion division. It was during his time at Cosworth that he lead two US military propulsion programmes, progressing a clean sheet design to a productionised power plant in both instances. Following on from his time at Cosworth, Guido was made Head of Engineering at Blue Bear Systems, where he spent 5 years developing UAV systems alongside novel electric propulsors.  
Guido has a PhD in UAV Systems Design from Cranfield University. He recieved his masters degree in Aerospace Engineering from Politecnico di Torino in Italy.