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Small multirotors

Aspen 212

Aspen 212-5 is a design driven by the noise & safety challenges faced by existing multirotor propulsion systems. Offering a 93% reduction in sound pressure level over an open bladed propeller, the benefits Aspen propulsors can bring to the industry are far reaching.

A rigid nacelle not only provides extra lift but protects blades from bumps and small collisions, making Aspen a perfect choice for flying in restricted spaces.

When compared to an open bladed propeller of the same diameter, Aspen 212-5 is 45% more efficient at 5kgf thrust. This makes Aspen 212 a game changer for use cases requiring high density, high efficiency propulsion systems.
5kg maximum thrust
500g all-up-weight
45% efficiency gain*
93% reduction in noise*
*tested against an open-bladed propeller of the same diameter
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more coming soon!
more coming soon!