Maiden flight of IPM5 announced

Bedforshire, UK. 22nd December 2022

Greenjets is excited to announce the successful maiden flight of its electric IPM5 engine on a Cobra UAS. The IPM (Integrated Propulsion Module) product family is designed to power next generation electric aircraft ranging from drones to regional commuters.

IPM5 is the smallest engine in the IPM family and is designed for the commercial drone industry. The engine is the quietest and most efficient of its class and is designed to be produced at the cost and volumes needed for the burgeoning UAV market. First deliveries are expected to begin in Q1 2023. Flight testing on 20th December 2022 was preceded by an extensive ground testing programme along with technical de-risking in world class engine test facilities in the UK.

Dr. Yoge Patel, board member said: ‘Powering the entire flight of a UAS using IPM5 is a significant de-risking milestone for the team. This clean sheet engine design is a game-changing concept produced from significant research and development funded by UK treasury grants. IPM5 is targeted for next generation drones that need to fly quietly and safely around us and is the first in the IPM range to prove itself in live flight testing’’.

Greenjets IPM5 propulsor maiden flight

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