Greenjets and Firestorm Labs partner to develop next-generation attritable drone swarming solutions

San Diego, USA & Bedford, UK, June 12th, 2023:

Firestorm Labs, developer of the first completely Modular Unmanned Aerial System (MUAS), is delivering affordable mass to the modern battlefield. They are partnering with electric propulsion specialist Greenjets to develop a 100% additively manufactured UAV airframe and engine solution – the first of its kind.  

Bringing best-in-class engineering capabilities from the commercial advanced manufacturing space, Firestorm’s proprietary 3D printed interconnecting and interchangeable airframe component technology allows users to modify the vehicle to perform a wide array of mission sets from a common platform; all cemented by an AI/ML-enabled flight computer. 

Greenjets’ core technology, the Integrated Propulsion Module (IPM) architecture, is the most advanced ducted fan technology of its class, enabling quieter, longer and faster missions for customers. Additionally, its proprietary 3D printing/additive based manufacturing approach helps modify its offering at unmatched pace to a range of aircraft, missions and requirements, including the use of fully recyclable materials. 

Firestorm and Greenjets will work together to integrate their technologies into Firestorm’s MUAS platform, enabling next-generation mass production & propulsion systems in an affordable and mission-adaptable manner. The goal is to produce 100% of the UAV body and engine with an additive manufacturing approach that facilitates multiple payloads and ensures mission success in the most challenging environments. The companies will also explore how best to deliver these capabilities to the US, UK, and India.  

Dan Magy, Firestorm co-founder: “The need for rapidly produced low-cost systems is growing by the week. Traditional manufacturing approaches cannot scale to meet the growing demand for UAVs and we believe a Firestorm-Greenjets solution gives the US DOD and its allies a unique technology solution to win the next fight.”  

Anmol Manohar, Greenjets co-founder & CEO: “Our combined vision for fast-paced additively manufactured UAS airframes and engines is truly transformational and we look forward to bringing this solution to the market in the next few months.”

About Firestorm:
Firestorm is building the future of modular, open architecture unmanned aerial systems, supporting the warfighter's needs.  Firestorm meets the needs of a changing operational environment, where traditional "manned" solutions will no longer be available.  Self-supported is a new reality, and platforms must fill many more mission areas than typical UASs: ISR, EW/SI, and Kinetic solutions integrate seamlessly into a sleek, low-cost system that 3D prints in under 9 hours.
Learn more at http://www.launchfirestorm.com  

About Greenjets:
Greenjets is building next generation electric propulsion systems for advanced air mobility. Our ducted fan propulsion technology is the quietest, safest and most efficient of its class. Our product range extends from 2kW to 1MW – powering drones, air taxis and electric aircraft. Our team has over 300 years of deep domain knowledge carried over from Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems & Formula 1. Our team’s learnings from these experiences are reflected in our unique design & manufacturing methodology, which allow us to produce propulsion systems at an unrivalled pace.  
Learn more at http://www.greenjets.com