Greenjets working closely with Whittle Laboratory to develop next generation electric jet engines

Bedfordshire, UK. 10th  May 2023.

Greenjets, pioneers of bespoke electric jet engines, were honoured to attend the Breaking Ground Ceremony for the New Whittle Laboratory at the University of Cambridge on the 9th of May. The ceremony was conducted by His Royal Highness, King Charles III, which marked his first official engagement since his Coronation.

Sir Frank Whittle, the eponym of Whittle Laboratory, is credited with the invention of the modern jet engine. His founding of the Laboratory in 1973 was motivated by the key technical challenges standing in the way of widespread jet travel - a mode of transport which the modern world has since come to take for granted.  

In recent years, an acute awareness of the fragility of our planet, together with an expanding global population, have placed the future of air travel in jeopardy. In light of the environmental damages caused by the aviation industry, reducing the carbon footprint of aircraft has become an objective of critical importance.  

To overcome these challenges, companies must develop new tools, facilities and collaborators. This is why, for the past 3 years, Greenjets has been collaborating closely with Whittle Laboratory on a number of ongoing joint research projects.  

The event of the 9thof May marked the opening of The New Whittle Laboratory, a $58M facility set up to accelerate the transition of aviation to true net zero. As the only electric propulsion company to be working with Whittle Laboratory, Greenjets’ involvement will be instrumental in tackling the next great frontier of air travel.  

Greenjets CEO, Anmol Manohar, was invited to the event alongside key aerospace leaders from Rolls-Royce, Airbus, Boeing, MIT and NASA. He was part of the roundtable discussions with the King to discuss how industry, academia, policy makers and the public can come together to solve these environmental challenges.  

Mr. Manohar later commented “Our collaboration with the Whittle Laboratory is key to our joint vision of decarbonising aviation. It is a great honour to showcase some of our products to the King who has long been a supporter of protecting the environment. His words of encouragement will inspire us to continue working at rapid pace”
Anmol Manohar at Cambridge University's Whittle Lab Breaking Ground Ceremony, stood next to King Charles III
Above: Anmol Manohar, CEO (right) seen with King Charles III at the opening ceremony

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